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Banff & Jasper - 4 days ultimate itinerary (Ideal for non hikers)

Alberta is a paradise on Earth which finds a place in every person's bucket list. This province has something to offer for all kind of people (hikers and non-hikers specifically). Banff, Jasper and Yoho perhaps tops the list of all the places in Alberta and everyone atleast needs to visit these places once in their lifetime. We decided to visit Banff, Jasper and Yoho during the Canada day long weekend in 2019. It was a long weekend and we managed to add one more day to make it a 4 day extended long weekend trip from 29 June to 2 July. I had to do a lot of research as I did not want to miss anything in this trip and make the most out of it. After going through numerous websites and travelogues, I finally was able to create an extensive itinerary for Banff and Jasper. To be honest, you would need around 6 days to complete every places mentioned in this itinerary. But if you are adventurous and can go beyond the line, you can definitely do this in 4 days without missing anything.
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Steps to Canadian Permanent Residency - Do it yourself guide

Canada lately has been pretty much interested to invite people to become permanent residents (PR) and help to increase their country's population strength. The most striking problem which the government faces now is that the average age of Canada population is over 35 which is not a good sign for any economy as a whole. This has led the Canada Government to bring in new rules in its immigration policies which can make the process faster and can invite more people who can settle down here and boost the economy of the country. In the last few years, Canada has been the hot topic for immigration as it aims to welcome more than a million permanent residents to come and settle here by 2020. This has led to numerous consultants and consultancies who want to help people to file their application in exchange of a huge amount of money. Though a lot of people claim that it is easy if we go through a consultancy, my personal preference would be to do it all by yourself. In that way yo

7 Important Windows 10 Features

Well finally the day came when Windows executives took the privilege to speak out about the much awaited Windows 10. Microsoft held a consumer event today to reveal the features of Windows 10 operating system. Users may have to wait till the 2nd half of the year before they can try their hands on this new software. Curious to know few of them. Read on. 1. Cortona in PC It took off quite well in smartphones, and Windows plans to introduce it to your Desktops as well. So that means Cortona will know almost everything about you and can help you with all your daily tasks. So next time expect Cortona to give you a reminder about your flight tomorrow and well do not forget to take a printout of the ticket because Contona wont forget to remind it to you. 2. Bye bye IE A lot happened and was talked about Internet Explorer as Firefox and Chrome ruled the market for last few years. Microsoft finally took a grave decision to decommission IE browser. So no more IE versio

Windows Phone Shortcuts

W indows phone may not have picked up that much pace as Android phones has, but from my personal experience they are one of its kinds. Though Nokia is the only company left to produce phones with this operating system, still there are many buyers existing may be because of the brand Nokia has. I have been using Nokia 920 since one year now, and to be honest I am quite satisfied with the phone. Some features of the phone are not as straight forward as it is for Android phones and I had to research and tweak with the phone to get them done. Some of the functions or shortcuts which do needs a mention are specified below. You will get all these shortcuts if you Google them, but my intention was to club all of them together so that this page becomes a one stop for all such shortcuts. Disabling auto complete Well auto complete is good while writing texts to your friends but to some extent. At some times auto complete feature will simply annoy you since it tries to guess each and

Explore. Dream. Discover

O ur bags were packed, tickets were booked and we were ready to go on a trip to the Mountains of North India. We were a group of 15 people all set to make a difference waiting at Howrah railway station for the signal to get green. Suddenly the sound of the Engine hooting came all across and our face was covered with smile. Smile of Joy, Smile of seeing new place, Smile of being together.  I was only a kid, perhaps 8 years of age when I got this opportunity to go visit a new place with my parents. Along with us were 3 more families, my father’s office colleagues.   Excitement was truly visible on all our face as the train passed by fields, cities and many small stations getting closer to our destiny, Shimla. After some tiresome train journey, we finally reached Kalka and took a bus to Shimla. Days passed and finally our 10 day trip came to an end. We were there back at Howrah station bidding goodbyes to each other. A moment of sadness was all around but the wait for next tri

Installing Veloeclipse Velocity Editor in Eclipse

      V elocity has nowadays gained a lot of respect in web development and you will for sure find this language in most of the places. In such a scenario, if the language is not detected by Eclipse then that becomes a huge drawback and also difficult to work. There are scads of plugins available but I used Veloeclipse and it is working good. So you can as well go ahead and try this velocity editor. Steps to install Veloeclipse in your Eclipse: Step 1: I am hoping you have your Eclipse open. Go to Help --> Install New Software. A new window appears. Step 2: In the new window you will find an Add button. Click on it and you will get one more window. Here you will have two options. Fill them as shown. Name: veloeclipse Location: Step 3: Once you click OK on the previous screen, you will get a new window which will have an option to select. Select the box and click Next . Step 4: The rest will be done by

Installing 3rd party jar file to Repository using Maven

   S ometimes the requirement comes when you have to use a third party plugin in your project which is not present in any public repositories. In such a scenario it is advised to deploy this jar file into your repository and then use it as a normal dependency in your Maven project. This is helpful as the jar file becomes available to a lot of projects in future and if any further development work on the same project is done in future, then the dependency is resolved easily. It's just a matter of running a maven command and you are ready to go. In case you want to install this plugin into your local repository(.m2 folder) then the command would be different from the normal deployment into your public repository. For Local Maven Repository(.m2 folder): mvn install:install-file  -Dfile=<path to the jar file> -DgroupId=<groupId you want to provide>  -DartifactId=<Unique name of the plugin> -Dversion=<version of the plugin you want to deploy> -Dp