Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 Most Popular Android Apps

As the android market is booming with the popularity of the Android operated phones, applications supported by it obviously takes the supreme stage for debate. Google Inc supporting an online Android market already has scads of application for Android phones and users just need to choose the best among them. Being a passion for various phone maniacs, some of the most popular applications can be stated accordingly though it keeps on varying from time to time. 
       1.      Astro file manager:

    This is one of the most popular free application available for Android supported phones which is very much efficient in managing files, viewing  images,  browsing folders easily and search your files from a huge list with a back-up facility. 


           2.       Press reader for Android:

      If you are a person who likes to be updated with daily news happening in the globe but don’t have time to read newspapers then this exacting application is the best choice for you as it supports over 1700 newspapers in 48 languages from 92 countries. Though it costs you $0.99 per issue or a monthly fee of $29.95, it is worth your money. 

             3.       GO Launcher EX for Android:
        Reviewed as one of the best launcher for Android phones, this application gives you a large list of attracting themes to suit your phone. It has an everlasting feature of grid resizing with great customization and user interface. 

               4.      Barcode scanner:

          Acting as a barcode scanner, this application lets you access prices, reviews, and other related files by scanning the barcodes on various items in stores and elsewhere. No more worrying about the longevity of an item as you get to know all about it right at the store. 


                 5.      Tripit :
            If you a businessman and you need to travel a lot, then this application can help you a lot. As soon as you send a confirmation mail to your flight correspondents, resorts and rental automobiles, this application will organize all your particulars and confirmation details into your travel records for future reference. 

                   6.      Google voice:

              This is an exciting application where you are provided with a number which can be used to call, receive voicemails and even send sms through internet. Moreover you can use this number in place of all outgoing calls keeping the actual number a secret.

                     7.      Places directory:

                This application can locate a nearby pizza store, nearest gas station, shopping mall, shoe store, Movie Theater, or even a great place for a burger. So no more worry to surf the internet for daily needs any more. 

                       8.      Documents to go:
                  This application has a free version that supports a tiny reader for MS-Word and MS-Excel documents. Moreover users can update it to MS-Powerpoint or MS Office. It can really ease the work of your office with maximum satisfaction. 

                         9.      Backgrounds:
                    If you always have a huge desire to give a new look to your phone, then this application can give you ultimate satisfaction with its large wallpaper collection.  It always gives your phone a new and enticing look. 

                          10.  XFinity TV:
                      Several times you are poignant because you missed your favorite TV shows. Now you need not worry as this application will record your favorite TV show for you and you will be able to watch it at your leisure.

                      These were some of the most popular applications for an Android supported phones according to my perception. As android is gaining fame, top ten categories will frequently change with time and demand.

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