Monday, May 9, 2011


                So finally it’s here, my last days of college, when I wont be required to get up in the morning and rush to attend classes, wont have any assignments neither will I have any headache for exams. In these last few days its time to make our relations strong, forget all enmity and enjoy them to the fullest. It wont be justified if I say that I did not realize when these 4 years passed by, coz I did. I realized every bit of this journey and I am glad to be a part of it.
Here are a few episodes from my own archives:
First year, a new life on the verge, we all got admitted to this budding college and were quite uncertain. New friends, new style, new place, everything seemed challenging and charming with ragging a new addition. Getting up early, attending classes, avoiding seniors, staring at girls, all seemed to pass by so fast and finally we were at our first semesters. Winters came and we celebrated our first new year in college. It was good! Then came the D-day, our first result in college. We all had surprises and we welcomed it. We danced to the tunes of our first college fest with studies at stake. Days passed very soon and we completed our first year. We ended it in style with pieces of uniform lying at every corner of the college and joy at every corner of our heart.
Second year, with so many aims and hopes we went ahead. We became seniors and got the right to groom juniors. Our attitudes changed a bit and we got closer. Friends now took a new place in our hearts and studies meant a lot. With so many deeds already in our closet we went on creating more. Promises, commitments, birthdays, hangouts seemed to be quite common. Bunking and abusing added to the list. Our college did more for us with canteen and activity as a gift of Christmas. With two more places added to our hangouts the year passed in no time and we celebrated our second new year. It was better! With shared responsibility and dedication we celebrated our second college fest with few misunderstandings as splinters of wood. Semesters got common and late night preparations were usual. Finally we got promoted to third year with stronger bonds and commitments.
Third year, with more maturity and ego came more hard times. Some commitments broke with the commence of some new ones. Some sailed afar while others derailed. With new traits adding to our souls and our ability to empathize bettered us as a human being. Autumn passed by and we were there celebrating our third new year in college. It was awesome! Days seemed to be limited and we set out to make the most. We got elusive and were elated. But life moved at an unbelievably high pace when semester exams creeped in as speed breakers and destroyed the game. Many escaped luckily while few got trapped and we landed in the last phase of college.
Fourth year, the final phase, made us cry. We had quarrels, fights, comments and betrayal. But as a part of life we extinguished them and became a whole. With more outings and hangouts to our calendar, life seemed a paradise. We outdid all challenges and faced our seventh semester. Enthusiasm and joy filled our last new year in college. It was the best of my life! Campus encroached our minds and last days rubbed out for some time. Many grabbed a job and others waited for their chance. Ultimately we are here in these last days counting our time to lapse. With last college fest and farewell round the corner it’s hard to convince our hearts. Tears try to gush out from the corner of the eyes. Really it seems hard to feel about those last days when we will be separated and shown the path to our future. But here I make a promise and a resolution of the newyear to be with my friends till the last day I see and expect the same from my dear friends. Its not just a bond we had but a family we created to be together forever.

                                                                                                                                    SATYAM ROY

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