Sunday, June 19, 2011

GRE (Graduate Record Exam)

           Hey guys if you are on the verge to appear GRE and want to gather some info regarding the exams, then you are quite at the right place. Now what I will share with you is completely from my personal experience as I myself appeared the test on 12 April, 2011.

The first and the foremost thing I must share is that you must be damn serious about the exam as it’s not a child’s game. You need to be focused as the English will surely give you nightmares. But in the process you will get a better hold of the language. Especially for non English speaking students, you really need to work hard.

When I appeared the exam, I had to memorize a 3000 wordlist prescribed by Barrons, the best book for GRE. As soon as you decide to prepare for the test, go and grab the book. Now in the new pattern, things are made much easy as you do not need to memorize so many words. Still a hold of the language is necessary. 
The quantitative part remains almost the same, though they are planning to introduce calculators. The authorities want to find out your reasoning quality rather than your calculation. The verbal part becomes a bit lengthy with more and more paragraphs introduced. 
You really need to be very patient to sit before the screen and read so many paragraphs before answering the questions. Practice is the word of the moment as it gives you more precise in answering essay type question. Quantitative questions are quite easy and you can easily score above 750 out of 800 if you practice a bit. Barrons GRE will guide you to the fullest, step by step. But you need to start at least 3-4 months before appearing. A dedicated preparation will ultimately show you the day. What I must suggest is that do remember as many words as you can and built up a story for each word. This will help you remember the words easily. For example, say ‘macabre’- this word has cabar in it. Now cabar in Hindi means where you bury someone. That relates to ghosts. So rightly, macabre means ghastly or ghost related or frightening. So whichever language you belong to, you can fragment word and relate them to something which will make them easy to remember.

I hope I was able to connect well. If you have any such queries regarding GRE then do post in this blog and I will feel free to answer them as soon as possible.

Registration :

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Registration for GRE is easy though you need to pass through some steps. Just visit the official site, i.e., There you need to create a profile in your name. Then you go for the GRE General Test registration and you will be guided henceforth quite comfortably. Select a date of your comfort and then go for the payment section. Everything is done online and you just need to report at the desired place at the right time for the test. Remember you can also change the date if you face a problem, but you need to do it well in advance. On the test day, go empty handed because you will not be allowed to take a single thing inside. It seems that they will even take of your clothes if they get a chance to do so. Just take the printed admit card along will two photo proofs which will be necessary.

So I wish all the luck for your exams and do well.


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