Saturday, August 13, 2011

Amazing Chat Smileys for Facebook

Using new smileys and impressing others while chatting have always been a trendy topic. In facebook, while you chat with someone, you are sure to generate huge response if you use different smileys. It is very much true in case of girls who always want to know such distinct topics. So why not learn as much of the distinct ones and add spice into our chat experience. But where to find all these different smiley codes??? I have made your work a bit simple by collecting some of the most popular smileys along with their codes. Though its easily available on googling but getting all of them at a single page will surely make your job simple. So go on and learn them and have a happy chatting. And finally do post if you know any new smileys other than the list.

                  FacebookSmileys Meaning Shortcut

smile Smile :-)  :)  :]  =)

tongue Tongue :-P  :-p :-p :p =P

grin Big Smile :-D :D =D

cry Cry :'(

sunglasses Cool 8-| 8| B-| B|

upset Very Angry >:O  >:-O  >:-o

confused Confused o.O O.o

devil Devil 3:)  3:-)

heart Heart <3

squint Moody One -_-

curlylips Curly Lips :3

putnam Chris Putnam :putnam:

penguin Penguin <(“)

                       B                             Bold                 *Your text*
UUnderlined          _Your text_
                    frown                     Sad            :-(  :(  :[ =(
winkWink       ;-)  ;)
        gasp         Surprised          :-O  :O :-o :o
glassesGeek          8-) 8) B-) B)
grumpyMad        >:( >:-(
unsureThinking         :/ :-/ :\ :-\
kissKiss      :-* :*
angelAngel       O:) O:-)
kikiVery happy      ^_^
pacmanPacman      :v
robotRobot      :|]
sharkShark       (^^^)
BBold               *_Text_*

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  1. Nice post :-) ... i learnt a few more smileys ^_^