Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get sms alerts from your Inbox for free

         “You went to bed late at night and obviously woke up late next morning. Meanwhile you did not get time to check your mail which actually helped you to reach office in time. But the twist happened when you got to know that the meeting for which you prepared the whole night actually got over even before you reached office. Actually the meeting was preponed by an hour due to some reasons and you were informed through mail.”  

If the above story is quite common in your life then this article will surely get you through.You just need to follow some really easy steps and then you are done. After that you will get all the notifications in your mobile via text and need not worry about checking your mail each time.

Go to and make a free account with the signup button. After you become a registered user then sign-in into your account. 

Once you sign in, you will find “Mail Alerts” at the top right end corner. Once you click it you will be redirected to you alerts page. Here you need to note two things. First your Mail Alert Status should be activated and second you will find “Forward your mails to” followed by a mail address. Copy the address.

Go to your mail page like gmail or outlook and forward all your mails to the address you got in step 2. Then you are done. You will now receive all your mails as a sms alert.

I can help you with Microsoft Outlook and GMail as I tried with them personally. So here it goes:

  • ·         Sign in to your account and at the right top you will find “Options”.
  • ·         Select “Create your Inbox rules” and then click “NEW” in the page redirected.
  • ·         Once you click “new” you will get two options:
1.      "When the message arrives and"
·         Select the option “Apply to all messages”.
2.      "Do the following"
·         Select the option “Redirect the message to” and paste the mail address obtained in step-2.
That finishes your job. You can now do your work without any worry as you will get all information in your phone wherever you are.

  • ·         Sign in to your account and at the right hand top corner click the settings icon.
  • ·         Then select “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” button.
  • ·         Click on “Add a forwarding message” and paste the address obtained in step-2. You may be   verified by google. Once you verify your account or phone then you can enjoy receiving sms alerts.

For any other mail domains other than the two examples, you will get the information from the website itself. I hope this article will be able to help you a lot. If you have any easier method other than this then do comment below which can help other readers as well. And if you have liked it then do hit the like button below.


  1. Same procedure can be applied on

  2. Thanks Govind... Actually it can be done with almost all the free sms sites. But I generally use way2sms. By da way thanks for sharing...