Friday, December 30, 2011

IIITB : Preparing for the Interview

Congratulations if you cleared the Written Exam. Just one more step and you are through. Interview is the most important part in any selection process. It is here that you get the chance to prove yourself in front of the professionals. So if you are confident of your knowledge and presentability then there is no need to worry.

Interview is conducted for three days in a row for all the MTech students(There are around 1000 students called for interview). You will be allotted a day and will be asked to report to the college on the specified day. The process will basically cover the whole day with many events like Document clarifications, Biometric Scans, Interview etc. The Interview is a one-to-one process where you will be interviewed by a Professor of the college. The interview will last for around 20 minutes where you will be asked several questions which you need to answer precisely.

The questions will be all typical interview questions like:

                    1. What is your name and tell me something about yourself? They can be tricky as well like- Tell me something about yourself which I would really like to know?
Suggestion: Just give a brief description of yourself and present it nicely. That's it..!!

                    2. What are your hobbies?
Suggestion: Be prepared for any type of counter questions in this case. Just be confident about your answers. If you don't know something then admit it. Don't try to revolve and fool around. Just remember that the person in front of you are professionals.

                    3. Why do you want to do MTech?
Suggestion: Tell any thing which you think will suit your purpose or just google it out.

                    4. You will be asked to tell something on any topic. This will be intimated though mail as well. This presentation counts a lot.
Suggestion: I would really ask you to use the white board while presenting the topic. Prepare the topic really well as you will get some serious questions on it. Try to be correct as much as possible. Be clear with your explanations and your English as well. Try to make the presentation as much interesting as you can.

These were some example questions and some suggestions which I think will be useful. The 4th question is very important and the whole interview process largely depend on it. So take some easy and interesting topic from any field you like and prepare it well. You can get some feeling from MY INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE. It is a bit large but do read through. It will be of much use. All you need to do is be smart. Lastly one thing I would say is that Go and Give your Best. If you are selected and if these series of articles helped you then do tell me. Again ALL THE BEST..!!


  1. hi satyam,

    your bloog is really helpful to get to know about IIIT-B. but in 2013, IIIT-B do not conduct any written exam. As in its notificatin, it'll take candidates from gate score..Do you have any idea that it'll take interview this year?


  2. Hey Manisha,

    Yeah I also came to know that there won't be any written exams this year. I am not too sure about the interviews but I have heard that this time admissions will be based on GATE results only. So most probably no interviews as well.


  3. Hello Satyam

    My name is Ajay and I am an ECE student.I got AIR 1594 in GATE 2013 examination and my score is 605/1000,90.8% in 10th,77.6% in 12th and 8.47/10 CGPA till 7th sem,Also have a one year drop after class 12th.I've read your blog and was fascinated to see your urge to help and guide students,thank u very much.I have some queries regarding admissions in IIIT bangalore.Do the M Tech students get monthly stipend like that in other colleges across the country??They were showing M tech in IT only while filling the form online.I wish to know,will that affect my chances to get a seat in Embedded Systems or Networking and Communications??I chatted with a girl studying in IITB embedded systems and she is saying that the placements have been very low for the year 2013 and the students who got placed were programmers and most of the students frm ECE are still not placed.I don't know whether I should trust her or not but I am really worried at the moment.I don't have a job till date and going for M Tech is not only my wish but also a compulsion.IIIT-B website is also showing that some of the students have gone for Phd abroad and I wish to know the authenticity of this statement as I wish to do the same after Finishing my M Tech.PLZ reply

    Thnaks in advance

    Ajay Tiwari

  4. hello once again

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply..PLZ do it asap.I guess you must be in your final semester at present.PLZ tell me the condition of placements at the moment i.e %age of placments and avg package in embedded systems and commn+networking.

    PLZ PLZ reply

    Ajay Tiwari

  5. Hi Ajay,

    Good to see your enthusiasm towards M.Tech.

    Well to say about the college, be assured that the college will do anything to get you placed. Its just your hard work that will define your destiny. As far as Embedded is concerned, it is a new branch started in IIIT and it yet to bloom full fledged. The placements for the Embedded stream is not good in the sense that you wont be placed in an Embedded company rather in an IT company. Nut again it is an IT college and thus companies presume that they will get IT students here. So it will take some time for the branch to position itself.

    You wont get any monthly stipend but you can apply for the scholarship program and if you qualify, you get entitled for monthly scholarships.

    As for placements are concerned, its really good and you can get a good job in the industry for sure. Many students go for Phd in future and you can opt for it. You will get ample advices from the professors before making a wise decision.

    Hope that clears you doubts. For any further queries join this page


  6. Hello Satyam,
    this is amit
    my gate rank is 3515
    10th- 87.6
    12th- 86.4
    CGPA B.Tech - 7.00

    is there any fair chance that i may get a call from IIIT Bangalore this time as no interviews are going to be held..


  7. Hi Amit,

    Honestly speaking, I don't have any idea how the process is going to be this time.

    You can join this page
    and ask for further queries where you will find other IIITB enthusiasts.


  8. Hi Satyam,

    I have applied for MS by Research, will there be any written test or only an Interview?


  9. Hey Shashi,
    There will be only interview... No written exams for MS .... All the best