Monday, October 29, 2012

Firefox : Google directly from the Address bar

        Hello there !! Firefox is one of my favorite browser alongside Chrome and it really annoys one when you get used to one feature of a tool and couldn't find it in the other. Today I was wandering about how can I get the same feature of Google search right from the address bar just like Chrome. Now googling has become the most performed task by any engineer in a day and if it takes to open the homepage again and again it really becomes ridiculous. So here I got a solution which serves the same way as Chrome does.

Step by Step Procedure :

Step 1:
Go to the address bar of Firefox and type about:config. It gives a warning which you have to allow. Press the button saying " I'll be careful, I promise ! ".

Step 2:
In the search bar of the page type in keyword.URL . This brings you to only one option.

Step 3:
Right Click on the available option and click Modify. Then in the pop-up window paste the following
Then press OK.

That's it. You are done. Yes it was that simple. Now open a new tab and test your new feature.

One problem I had with this feature is that the search fails for a single word. I am trying to figure it out. But it works simply well with more than one keyword.

Happy Googling !!!

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