Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 Two Days Long Battery Test

         After waiting for nearly six months before Nokia 920 launch I finally bought it two days after launch on 12th January, 2013. 
Overall I am very happy with it especially, after changing from iPhone 4. 
A lot of friends are asking about performance of Nokia 920, about camera, apps and especially battery life.
So I decided to do a detailed analysis of battery life for it. Thanks for the great app Battery that helped me do this.  
I kept my phone on charging in the night and make sure it is fully charged before testing next day. Disabled data connection, blue tooth, WiFi. Location services on. 

2nd April, 2013:
Woke up and started getting ready for office,  
At 7.30 - 100% 

Started for the office in bus and listened to music via headphones on the way. I occasionally changed the songs in between by using volume bar. 
Reached office and at 8:15, stopped the songs. 
At 8:16 - 100% 

Not much use afterwards had two calls around one minute each. The phone mostly was on standby. 
At 11.34 - 99% 

I used one note to write all this. Then attended one call for two minutes. Internet browsing for around ten minutes on 2G. Checked Facebook waited for Whats App to see new chats. Friend checked out phone seeing photos etc. for five minutes. 
At 14:49 - 89%. 

Not used phone after that. Phone stayed on standby. 
At 17:30 left from office and started music on my way back home again.
At 17:37 - 84% 

Reached home stopped music 
At 18:28 - 82% 

Time to call home. Made two calls 36 minutes and of 23 minutes. Some normal phone usage (For windows phone this includes staring at great animations of home screen tiles)
At 22:41 - 70% 

Got two more calls from friends lasting 20 minutes and 6 minutes.
At 23:13 - 65% 

2nd Day 3rd April, 2013

Skipped charging the phone in the night. Woke up next morning.
At 6:42- 58% 

Same routine, left for office, started music player.
At 7:25 - 57%

Reached office at 8:15. Stopped the music.
At 8:15 - 54%  

Had breakfast. Phone on standby and I recalled that I could use screenshot feature also ;)
At 9:42 - 52%

Feeling bored at 9:45 turned on WiFi, apps started syncing One Note, Whats App, Facebook, 627.AM (An alarm, to-do and weather app).

Browsed Facebook, downloaded store to download two new apps. Used Camera Roll Sync (must have, because update for full resolution upload still not available for my mobile) to upload 62 full resolution pics from camera roll to Sky Drive.

At 10:33 - 39%

12:09 - 36%

WiFi Enabled on lock. Downloaded Viber, Hike, and two other apps.
12:19 - 32% 
Occasional chatting on sms etc.
1:40 - 30% 
Again went back to work. Not much usage. Phone standby.(See the discharge speed :))
Leaving from office. Before starting music.
17:29 - 23% 
Reached home, stopped music.
18:38 - 20% battery saver kicked in.
Before dinner.
20:35 - 17% 
Started data connection (2G) to see Whats App and Facebook updates. 
At 21:27, while using Whats App, I got critical battery level warning. (Very few Screenshot with time. I know. Blame the battery app developer.)

Finally after two days at 
21:44 while chatting on Whats App phone said Good Bye. 
That's it.
So what i concluded from this is, its very easy (for me at least) to make 920 last for two days on one charge. Generally I keep WiFi on full day in office and much more use than i did that day and still it shows around 50% in night.
The discharge speed on the app keeps on varying as you use and may not show correct information sometimes. I do wish the app showed time also as the screenshots would have been more meaningful.
Do tell me if you liked/disliked the review in the comments below and if it helped in your buying decision. And do include how it is going for your mobile.

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