Thursday, August 29, 2013

Installing Veloeclipse Velocity Editor in Eclipse

      Velocity has nowadays gained a lot of respect in web development and you will for sure find this language in most of the places. In such a scenario, if the language is not detected by Eclipse then that becomes a huge drawback and also difficult to work.

There are scads of plugins available but I used Veloeclipse and it is working good. So you can as well go ahead and try this velocity editor.

Steps to install Veloeclipse in your Eclipse:

Step 1:
I am hoping you have your Eclipse open. Go to Help --> Install New Software. A new window appears.

Step 2:
In the new window you will find an Add button. Click on it and you will get one more window. Here you will have two options. Fill them as shown.
Name: veloeclipse

Step 3:
Once you click OK on the previous screen, you will get a new window which will have an option to select. Select the box and click Next.

Step 4:
The rest will be done by Eclipse. You just need to click Next for 2-3 times more and then the plugin will get installed. Finally Eclipse will ask for a restart. Please Restart your Eclipse at this point.

Step 5:
Once Eclipse restarts, right click on a velocity file and open with Velocity. This needs to be done for the first time. Thereafter whenever you open a velocity file it opens in the editor directly.

That's all. Now you can enjoy editing your velocity code right away. Happy Coding !!!

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