Sunday, August 11, 2013

Terrified Surprise !!!

       'Ronny...... Ronny.... Wake up'. I could hear a fading voice calling my name to wake up. I somehow opened my eyes and looked at my watch. It was 10:50 PM. Then I could figure out that it was my roommate waking me up to have dinner. My eyes did not like this disruption and forced me to close them again. Within seconds this friend of mine started calling me again and this time handed me my dinner. With no choice left, I woke up and had my dinner. There is a small incident before this one which needs to be depicted before I proceed further.

Four friends including me decided to share an apartment as we worked in the same company, were friends for the past 6 months and this would indeed save some bucks for us to enjoy. Once, there was a long vacation of 3 days (Once you join office, 3 days will be like 1 month holiday) and everyone was planning for some trip or the other. But for us it was a normal holiday which meant sitting back home and watching TV. One of the friend Shaw was out on a trip and one more friend Sam was on the verge of planning one. We two (roommates Ronny and Avi) were left with no option but to stay back. Finally the vacation started from Friday to Sunday. Sam had already planned a nice trip to a Resort with some Office Colleagues and left around 11 am. Anyways the day passed off watching TV and videos in YouTube. We have a cook but he has his own priorities. He would come only once a day and that day's quota was already fulfilled in lunch. So we planned to get some food ordered and have our dinner. This friend of mine Avi is a little obsessed with his new girlfriend and would spend most of his time out with her. So naturally I had to call him before ordering for dinner. He said that he would pick the dinner and reach home by 9 pm. So I happily ordered and waited for him. I didn't have a clue that this guy would keep me hungry till 11 pm in the night. I felt asleep and slept off and there starts the story.

After having dinner I decided to sleep again as I have to wake up at 5:30 am the next day to go to gym. I was mocked a lot by my friends when I joined but this time I have planned to fail them.
So I closed my eyes again and was asleep in a minute or so.

There in my dream I could hear someone banging the main door. I avoided it the first time. The sound came again. I was so deep asleep that I ignored it this time as well. Then I could hear my phone ring. With a fraction of my eyes opened, I reached my phone and held it up to see the caller's name. 'Sam... what the hell is he calling for. Must be drunk and want to talk'. I received the call and said 'Hello!'. 'Hey please come and open the door' said Sam. 'What the heck. These guys won’t let me sleep.' I checked my watch and it was 2:30 am. I went and opened the door and a sudden gush of beer hit my nose. He was full drunk. Suddenly two more people appeared as ghosts and tried to scare me. I won’t say that I wasn't scared but did create a situation that I knew what was coming. All three of them Sam, Chad and Naresh (office colleagues) were drunk like hell and I was not able to bear the smell. They all rushed to my room and told me to pack my bag. ‘What!!!! Are you all mad? I am not going anywhere.' But they didn't seem to listen. Chad opened my wardrobe and took out my shorts and t-shirt and packed them in a bag. Then these guys just got hold of me and dragged me out of the house and into their car. They didn't even let me to wear a jeans or a trouser. And there I was, in my boxers, sitting at the back seat alongside Sam in Chad's Ford Figo. 'Where are we going and I really don't like this idea.' They only said that don't worry you will be enjoying.

I just couldn't believe that these guys came back leaving their parties just to kidnap me and take me to the resort that too at 2:30 am. I was really concerned as they were all drunk and would be driving the car. Scads of bad ideas kept haunting me when they introduced me to their new terror surprise. They came all the way driving with the car lights turned off and would be doing the same on the way back. 'Ohhhhh no. Only God can save me now. Why did I open the door at the first place? I could have gone back to Kolkata in the vacation to visit my parents. This idea is real shit. Please don't do it'. But they all seemed to be high and wouldn't listen a word. I really had no clue about what to do. Do I cry or do I laugh. I was on my way to die in an accident.

We started from our place and the music was on full volume. I could feel the vibration caused by the sound from the music system. Just as we hit the main road, the front head lights went off. It was pitch black. Only the light from the dashboard gave me hope. Believe me, this was terrifying: both the idea and the view. To make it worse there were neither streetlights nor was it a full moon day. I was so terrified that I came between the front seats and tried to locate the road. But all was in vain. Nothing was visible and Chad was still driving at around 50 speed. I was fully prepared to face the accident. Suddenly the car went over a speed breaker and my heart beat doubled and was about to burst I guess. ‘Phew!!'. I was literally crying. Naresh was the culprit. It was all his idea to turn the lights off and drive.

Never in my life did I believe that I will be a part of such a lunatic act. But there I was witnessing it live. But it was fun I would say. At first I was too scared but slowly the fear went off may be because Chad is an awesome driver. He was in full control and was flashing the headlights at regular interval just to get an inkling of the road. Our main lifeline was the dim moon light and the white lines at the middle of the road. And to add spice we had some awesome music played at full bass and volume.

This was the only pic I took with my Nokia Lumia 920. A part of the road is visible because of the flash. In reality nothing was visible.

May be because we were lucky or may be God had some more time registered to our name; we finally reached the Resort at around 4 am safely. This was by far the best and the most terrified surprise I had in my life. Thanks to my special friends and colleagues Sam, Chad and Naresh though I missed my Gym the next day.

Do not try this ever. Don't even plan such a surprise for your friends.


  1. Well, I'd also like to add "craziness" along with "surprise".
    nicely written.

  2. Finally u had a break from ur monotonous life

  3. One line missing: Satyam was also drinking in the car ;)

  4. Awesome I would really want to try!!!!

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