Monday, April 7, 2014

Windows Phone Shortcuts

Windows phone may not have picked up that much pace as Android phones has, but from my personal experience they are one of its kinds. Though Nokia is the only company left to produce phones with this operating system, still there are many buyers existing may be because of the brand Nokia has.
I have been using Nokia 920 since one year now, and to be honest I am quite satisfied with the phone. Some features of the phone are not as straight forward as it is for Android phones and I had to research and tweak with the phone to get them done. Some of the functions or shortcuts which do needs a mention are specified below. You will get all these shortcuts if you Google them, but my intention was to club all of them together so that this page becomes a one stop for all such shortcuts.

Disabling auto complete

Well auto complete is good while writing texts to your friends but to some extent. At some times auto complete feature will simply annoy you since it tries to guess each and every word you type finally giving the message a complete different meaning. Especially when you try to write your mother tongue in English and it simply tries to embed English words forcefully. I always wanted to disable it and finally got how to do it.

Settings --> Keyboard --> Your Selected Keyboard and then disable auto suggest

Taking screenshots

Nowadays smartphones can be used to do almost everything that can be done in a computer. In such a scenario there are situations when we need to take a screenshot of the page present on our screen and save them as an image. Yes that feature is available too and is pretty straightforward unless you don’t know how to do it.

Press both Power Button and Windows Button together
The picture will be saved to a folder named Saved Pictures

Scrolling Up and Down in text editor

The other day I was typing about a situation that happened to me and wanted to send it to my friend. The message got too long and as usual I was not able to see the top part on the screen. To the utmost surprise I was unable to reach to the top of the message no matter what I do. That really irritated me a lot. That day itself I started to search how to do it and finally got the way.

Press and hold for some time then scroll will appear. Then you can use this scroll to move up and down

Getting to middle of a typed text

Normally when typing a text we keep on typing and changing words. When it comes to touch screen mobiles changing an already typed word becomes difficult and we end up erasing all the words till that word and type in the whole message again. To get to the desired position and change words this is the way.

Long press at the position where you want to go and then the cursor will move to that position.

Copy a part of  text

There are sometimes when it is necessary to copy a part of the text for no matter what the reason is. Copying a part of the text is too easy but you need to know them. This is how it is done.

Click the word from where you want to copy. This will select the word. Then simply drag your finger till the word u want to copy

This is an evolving post and I will keep adding things as I keep discovering them. If you found it interesting and helpful then do hit the like button. If you believe in helping others, then do post your discovered shortcuts as comment and eventually this will become the one stop destination for many Windows Phone users.

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