Thursday, January 22, 2015

7 Important Windows 10 Features

Well finally the day came when Windows executives took the privilege to speak out about the much awaited Windows 10.

Microsoft held a consumer event today to reveal the features of Windows 10 operating system. Users may have to wait till the 2nd half of the year before they can try their hands on this new software.

Curious to know few of them. Read on.

1. Cortona in PC

It took off quite well in smartphones, and Windows plans to introduce it to your Desktops as well. So that means Cortona will know almost everything about you and can help you with all your daily tasks.

So next time expect Cortona to give you a reminder about your flight tomorrow and well do not forget to take a printout of the ticket because Contona wont forget to remind it to you.

2. Bye bye IE

A lot happened and was talked about Internet Explorer as Firefox and Chrome ruled the market for last few years. Microsoft finally took a grave decision to decommission IE browser.

So no more IE versions in future. Its time when we say a good bye to IE.

3. Project Spartan

Microsoft claimed that it is building a browser which has a capability to surpass all present day browsers in the market.

Well they are naming it as Project Spartan with no specific names given as of now. We can simply hope that Microsoft provides us with what they have promised.

4. Free Upgrade to Windows Users for one year

According to Microsoft more that 70 percent of the their users are using Windows 7 and around 20 percent users still use Windows Vista (an operating system which is 14 years old).

They have data which speaks that only around 10 percent of their users have migrated to Windows 8. That truly makes Windows 8 a big flop. So to cope up with the customers need and expectation they have planned to provide free upgrade to its users.

The plan is to upgrade Windows 8 users to Windows 10 first and then Windows 7 and Windows Phone users will be targeted.

5. New Start Menu

Perhaps this was the biggest flop for Windows 8 release when Windows tried to revolutionize their design and remove the START menu. But this step was not taken well by the users and thus became one reason for the fall of Windows 8 operating system.

So Windows have decided to bring in this feature once again into Windows 10 release.

6. Improved UI

Windows has given importance to UI improvements as well. You will be able to see a whole lot of rich UI features like improved usability with new icons. A lot of new apps has also been planned to be released with Windows 10. We will have to wait for few more months to know about these features though.

7. Xbox Crossplay with Windows 10

Windows has good news for its Xbox users as well. Cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox One gamers will become a reality.

And if PC games aren't your thing, you'll be able to seamlessly stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs and tablets on your Wi-Fi network.

Those were some really good features announced by Windows. We simply need to wait for the product to get released later this year to try some of these interesting features.

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